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Hello Neighbor

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Hello Neighbor
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Normal suburban house becomes the scene of tension and mystery in Hello Neighbor, a horror game with a bang art in cartoon style unusual. In this game you play a flying intruder in the house of a neighbor. However, your neighbors are on the alert and not allow to deviate from any harm.You’ll need stealth, cunning, deceit, and a small fortune to escape his fury.

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Convenience and fun neighborhood malyavnichyyaPryvitanne neighbor does an incredible atmosphere for the game in the shock touch.However, as the game goes on, you can see everything that is wrong in the house across the street. Mystery of mysteries is combining its opinion on the adaptive II, which learns from your choices and strategies that desenvolvenovas catch. Fortunately, a variety of elements and parts interaccionábeisenvironment and help confuse face their enemy. Find the house of his neighbor and znaystsiparady and tools on your search for the secrets that will include rare.

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If you like the combination of beauty Norman Rockwell, solving puzzles and privacywith defined teuxogos want to see Neighbor Hello. This is a great game with an atmosphere of tension and the threat of real concern.

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Hello Neighbor

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